We create an environment where children can explore hands-on painting, drawing, collage, mixed-media, 3d sculpture, paper mache, and more!

We host fabulous birthday parties, classes. workshops and camps!  Process art encourages self-expression, creativity, and relaxation. It stimulates out-of-the-box thinking and can lead to new discoveries! We love to nurture these qualities in our future leaders and innovators!  Come explore with us at The Art Lab!

Track Out Camps for '24 - '25 coming soon!  New schedules and pricing!

Summer Camps!

Discover a Summer of Creativity and Fun!

Welcome to our Summer Art Camps, where the focus is on having fun, making friends, and exploring creativity without the pressure of perfection. Our camps offer a relaxed and joyful environment where young artists can freely express themselves.

What We Offer:

Creative Freedom:  Our camps are all about enjoying the process of making art. We encourage campers to experiment with different mediums and techniques, celebrating creativity over perfection.

Fun Activities:   Alongside art, we play games, make friends, and have outdoor picnics to ensure every day is packed with fun and laughter.

Engaging Themes:  Each week has a special theme sparking excitement and inspiration in every project.

Friendly Instructors:  Our team of enthusiastic and supportive instructors helps guide campers, fostering a welcoming and pressure-free atmosphere.

Jeanne-Marie Wittig - Owner/Founder

Meet Jeanne-Marie, the creative force behind The Art Lab for Kids in Holly Springs! Hailing from the vibrant culture of southern Louisiana, Jeanne -Marie has seamlessly integrated into the heart of North Carolina, proudly calling it home. Alongside her supportive partner Scott and their two amazing children, she's cultivated a life filled with love, laughter, and creativity.

A proud alumna of Meredith College, Jeanne-Marie  brings nearly two decades of educational experience to the table. Her passion for teaching is only rivaled by her love for igniting imaginations, fostering a space where kids can thrive without the constraints of perfection.

Driven by her desire to instill joy in the process of creation, she envisioned The Art Lab—a haven where young minds can explore, experiment, and embrace their unique talents. 


1002 N. Main St., Holly Springs, NC 27540



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